Welcome to the Modern Mountain Dulcimer website.  We build high performance mountain dulcimers for discerning players from beginners to professionals. Our instruments are about sound and playability. They derive their beauty from the attention to detail in craftsmanship of the wood and the method of their construction.

Modern Mountain Dulcimers have BIG sound.  Our instruments are not for shy people or for people who do not want to stand out in a jam. They just might be for someone who does not want to be shy anymore.

At Modern Mountain Dulcimer, we understand that the mountain dulcimer is the center of the Folk Music Universe and that all other folk instruments were created to enhance and accompany the mountain dulcimer. That is the reason we build them with BIG sound so that they may take their rightful place when played solo or with accompanying instruments.

David McKinney creates each instrument individually. We are basically a "one horse outfit." Our Product Page pictures our standard models with our classic MMD sound. 

The purpose of our website is to inform the dulcimer community about our innovative products, their special features, and their availability.




WELCOME  to Modern Mountain Dulcimer, conveniently located at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.